Moolavar: Swayambunathar
Amman / Thayar : Brahamma Shakti
Thala Virutcham : Kadamba tree
Theertham  : Teppakulam
Old year : 500 years old
Historical Name  : Veerai Valanadu


A milk vendor facing some difficulties on his usual way by the root of a Kadamba tree. When he cut the Kadamba tree root, blood began to flow from the spot. A voice from the sky (Asareeri) directed the milk vendor to construct a temple there. The temple was first built with palm leaves which later grew into a stone construction.The main prayer commitment is that people carry the sea sand in 11 or 41 baskets and put it near the temple.


Vaikasi Visakam
Last Fridays of each Tamil month
Thai poosam
Panguni Uthiram
Aadi amavasai

 Greatness Of Temple:

The Lord is in the Linga form and he bears the moon and the sun on his head. A five headed snake idol is found behind the Linga idol spreading its hood, which appears like an umbrella for the Lord.

Sun rays fall on the Lord Siva for the whole margazhi month.

Prayer Method:

1.Take bath in the sae and take bath in the fresh water pond.
2.Then Worship Lord Kanni Vinayaga
3.Then worship Sri Suyambulinga
4.Then worship Goddess Brhama Sakthi Amman
5.Then worship Goddess Essaki Amman
6.Then worship Lord Munnodi
7.Then worship Lord Sastha

Uvari Suyambulinga Swamy Temple Pooja Timing:

4 A.M         : Uvari Suyambulinga Swamy Temple Door opening

6 A.M         : Udayamarthandam

11.30 A.M : Uchakala Pooja

12.00 P.M : Annadhanam

1.00 P.M   : Temple Door closing

4.00 P.M  : Temple Door opening

7.00 P.M  : Saya Rachai Pooja

8.30 P.M  : Arthasama Pooja

9.00 P.M  : Uvari Suyambulinga Swamy Temple closing